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Manage Employee Attendance with SAC Empresa

Employees record their attendance simply by arriving at and departing from their work location using GPS. No need to do anything manually – the app and its AI handle everything for us.

This is How Easy Attendance Management is with SAC Empresa

 When your employees arrive at work, SAC Empresa automatically records their attendance through the GPS system, and at the end of their workday, it also accurately logs their departure.

Why Choose SAC Empresa?

Benefits for Employers

Monitor Multiple Businesses in Real Time from Your Phone: The Ultimate Tool for Entrepreneurs Who Demand Total Attendance Control

Flexible and Affordable Pricing

We offer competitive rates based on the number of active employees per business. Only the employer pays a small fee per employee per month. Start optimizing your employee attendance now!

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Business Plan

USD 5 per employee per month

Corporations Plan

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Our Satisfied Customers Speak for Us

Guten tag Cafe! thanks to SAC Empresa and its 3 points of sale, our personnel registration management has completely changed. Forget about fingerprints and additional devices. With the powerful cloud and AI of SAC Empresa, everything is organized efficiently. A truly innovative solution
Dabrisa Crane Services makes the difference. From mines in Catamarca to our central office, attendance flows seamlessly with SAC Empresa and our team's smartphones. A powerful combo for flawless management!"
From Fingerprint Clocks to Real-Time Attendance: The Transformation with SAC Empresa. Our fingerprint clocks were a nightmare: disconnects, scattered data on USBs. SAC Empresa changed everything, without extra costs. Now, smooth and hassle-free attendance.

Frequently asked questions

What information does SAC Empresa save when an employee downloads the application?

SAC Empresa does not collect GPS location data from the user, whether employee or employer. Log changes between check-in and check-out only in the specific areas you want to control, such as a business or workplace.

How is SAC Empresa paid?

The employer pays a monthly fee per employee of his company, while the employee has no cost and only uses the application.

Can I control multiple businesses or locations with SAC Empresa?

Yes, you can create as many companies or locations as you want to monitor employee presence in different locations.

What to do if an employee does not have a cell phone to record their attendance?

The employer or another employee can register attendance on the colleague’s behalf. In SAC Empresa, it will be recorded who and where the third-party service was registered.

What happens if an employee doesn't have mobile data?

The application saves attendance information. Additionally, in most companies, there is access to a WiFi network that the employee can connect to when they arrive to work.

What are the minimum requirements to implement SAC Empresa in my company?

To use SAC Empresa, employees need at least a low-end Android cell phone. The app does not consume much battery or data, and does not process GPS information outside the workplace.

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